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Selling Your Book

Essence Publishing provides several marketing services, many at no extra cost (other than a sales fee) for all books published. While most companies charge thousands of dollars for marketing services, Essence Publishing has devised the following cost-effective sales techniques to help give your book wider exposure.

Some of the services we offer are listed below.

• Promotional Bookmarks

Promotional bookmarks are approximately 2" x 8", with a full-color photo of the book cover and a short description. These cards are a valuable tool for increasing recognition in the marketplace. Essence Publishing prints standard bookmarks at no extra charge for all books. Standard bookmarks list the Essence Publishing bookstore website and 1-800 number, and e-book information (if applicable) and are supplied to the author for their own personal marketing efforts. Customized or additional bookmarks are available for the low cost of $200 for 500 or $275 for 1000.

• Internet Listing

Our marketing service exposes your book to a potential 100 million customers! Essence Publishing is on the Internet at: On this web page, all books are shown in full colour along with a book description. All books published with Essence receive a FREE twelve-month fulfillment subscription (see below).

We also promote your book on our Facebook page and send newsletters promoting our services and new books.

• Fulfillment Service

All books we publish are quickly added to our online bookstore ( Any overrun books are stored at no cost for twelve months. When an order for your book is placed online, the credit card is confirmed and the order sent to our fulfillment database. A packing slip is printed and the order is packed and shipped. That's it! No hassles, no cross-border concerns, no expensive bank charges for credit cards, no sticky packing tape—we take care of it all for you. Essence Publishing honours the industry standard discounts for books purchased by other bookstores, libraries, etc. Please note that this may be considerably less expensive than most distributors who charge based on the retail book cost. An important note: Essence Publishing always prints extra books to ensure that you get exactly the number of books you have ordered. When we receive an order for your book, it is sold from the overrun, for which you have not paid. Twice yearly, we will issue payments via PayPal for 50% of the money received for your books sold. If our stock runs out, you have the option to replenish our inventory from your stock. Visitors can purchase books directly over the Internet or can call Essence Publishing at their convenience. Credit cards are accepted and processed and orders shipped. For more specific details, please contact us.

• International Distribution

Distribution has always been a challenge for self-published authors. The subsidy or vanity publishers who make bold promises have often deserved their questionable reputations. The simple fact is that national distributors have limited space in their warehouses and that space costs money. If the author can’t guarantee his books will sell in sufficient quantities, distributors are unable to take the risk. Without a national distributor supplier, bookstores are often unwilling to stock or even special order self-published books. Once again, Essence Publishing has found the affordable answer! Using Print-on-Demand technology, your book will be stored digitally, available instantly whenever ordered. National distribution is feasible because storage costs are almost completely eliminated. Here is what this Essence service includes:

• Listing in the Ingram database—the largest book distributor in the world. This database is used by almost every bookstore in North America and seventy countries around the world!

• Listing in the Ingram directory that is sent to over 30,000 libraries and colleges around the world.

• Listing on

• Listing on the Barnes & Noble website (

• Listing on other websites.

Making use of this service means that almost any bookstore across North America and around the world can find and order your book. The cost starts at only $350. We will issue payments via PayPal twice yearly for 50% of the money received from the sales of your books. If you have any questions about this exciting service, please contact us today.

• E-book Distribution

All books with an e-book option are distributed to Kindle, KOBO and the iBookstore. These e-books are promoted on our Facebook page and in our newsletters. Royalties are paid out to the author twice yearly. For more details, visit our E-book Publishing section, including E-book FAQ.

• Additional Services

Essence Publishing provides many additional services related to printing, marketing, and distribution. The following is a sampling of what we offer at our usual competitive prices.

Graphic Design Services

Our skilled design team can create logos, letterhead, business cards, labels, etc. for your promotional efforts. Contact us for price quotes.

Printing Services

Essence Publishing provides the full range of commercial printing for labels, envelopes, letterhead, business cards, brochures, invoices, tickets, etc. Contact us with your particular needs.

Advertising Consultation

It is very easy to throw away money when it comes to advertising, so experienced consultation is a must. Contact us for further information.

A Savvy Approach to Book Sales

This is a great little book for anyone who needs help marketing their book once it is published. You will receive your own free copy once you sign a contract with us.