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So, you want to publish a book. You have come to the right place!

The first step to publishing your book with Essence is to order a free copy of our Prospective Author’s Guide. Read through this guide carefully. Accurate compliance with these guidelines could potentially lower your costs. Below is a step-by-step guide to help walk you through the ins and outs of making your dream of being a published author into a reality.


Step 1: Submit your manuscript. We accept digital manuscripts created in almost any word processing program or layout program, i.e. Word, Wordperfect, Quark, InDesign. You can either burn a disc and send it along with a hard copy of your manuscript or you can upload the digital file to submit your manuscript. To submit your manuscript, click here. Follow the instructions from there.

Step 2: We will read and evaluate your manuscript, and if it is accepted for publication, we will assign it an imprint and complete a sample layout and send it along with a contract for you to review. The contract will provide you with detailed pricing and will outline a variety of options for you to consider.

Step 3: Send the completed and signed contract back to us, and we will begin processing your book. A first deposit is required.


Step 4: Your book is assigned to a project editor. Your project editor will work closely with you for the next leg of this journey. We will contact you as soon as your project has been assigned, then help you every step of the way.

Step 5: We will edit and typeset your book and design your cover. This process can take a bit of time. You and your project editor will work closely to ensure your book is completed on a professional level. You will receive a hard copy of text and cover proofs for your approval.

Step 6: This is your chance to make any changes and approve the overall look of your book. Return the proofs to us, and we will make the corrections requested. Additional proofs may be required. Once all corrections and alterations have been entered and approved, you are ready to go to press.


Step 7: Your book and cover are prepared to go to press! Our professional pre-press team will complete a last check of your book and prepare all the files to ensure that your book production goes smoothly. The second payment is required.

Step 8: Your book goes into production. We will print, bind, and trim your book all onsite at Essence Publishing, allowing us complete control over the production process to ensure high quality standards. If you have requested an e-book, at this stage it will be created from your approved book.

Step 9: We ship you your book! Your books are completed and ready for shipping. We will contact you to confirm final shipping details. You also have the option to leave some books on consignment for sale on our online bookstore. We suggest scheduling your book launch three or four weeks after your shipping date. The third and final payment is required before books are shipped.

Step 10: Your book will become available to purchase on Your e-book files will be completed and uploaded to Kindle, KOBO and the iBookstore (if applicable). Your book will also be prepared and sent for International Distribution (if applicable).


Step 11: The author sells books in person, through speaking engagements, etc. Additional sales are made through online bookstores and e-books. The author retains all profits from personal sales of books and receives royalties paid twice yearly from online and e-book sales.