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Publishing Costs

Essence Publishing makes short-run commercial quality book publishing easy and affordable. We have the technology to produce high quality, professionally typeset, perfect bound softcover books in quantities as low as 250 books or even less.

The charts below give you an idea of our pricing. For custom printing pricing, please contact us at 1-800-238-6376 ext. 7110 or email

             Number of Copies


NOTE: Prices are based on trim size 5.25″ x 8″, standard paper, perfect bound. Includes typesetting, basic proofreading and more. For a more detailed listing of what is included, see below. For trim size of 6″ x 9″, add 25% to printing cost. All prices are subject to change without notice.

What’s included

Inside cover page – inside page that is a reflection of the cover design of your book.
Typesetting –  we will professionally typeset your book from provided digital files.
Proofreading – correction of misspelling and punctuation inconsistencies.
ISBN and barcode – we provide you with a unique ISBN and a barcode.
Copyright – all material is copyright protected by law.
CIP – Submission of book to the Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication.
Perfect Binding – a professional finish, allowing for a durable spine.
Bookmarks – a great tool to sell your book.
Web listing – a listing on, allowing customers to purchase your book online.

Additional publishing costs

Cover Design – a key part of making your book successful (see the insert in our Prospective Author’s Guide).
Editing –  correction of grammatical errors and inconsistencies, as well as awkward sentence structure and flow.
Shipping – we will ship most anywhere in the world.
Photographs – we will scan, colour correct and set photos in the body text of your book ($12/photo).
Pictures, Diagrams, Illustrations – the inclusion of these items varies greatly. Please request a quote.
E-book upload – we will upload your book to sell on Kindle, KOBO and the iBookstore
International Distribution – we will make your book available worldwide through sites like