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E-book FAQ

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What is an e-book?

Visit our E-book Publishing section to learn all the basics about e-books!

Where will my e-book be sold?

Books from Essence Publishing will be sold through the Apple iBookstore, the Kindle Store, and the KOBO bookstore exclusively. E-books are available in many countries in the world - all of North America, all of Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Brazil and more. As time goes by, more and more countries are being added to the list.

Should I get both paperbacks and an e-book?

We recommend getting both. Not all readers have yet made the switch to e-books, and not all are planning to. If you have many speaking engagements or your book is for your family only, we definitely recommend having paperback copies. We truly believe all authors can benefit from having their book distributed in both ways.

Do I have to do anything else?

All you need to do is sign the contract indicating that you wish to have an e-book made. Your book will go through the regular proofs and corrections steps until you approve it for press. While your paperback book is being printed, the e-book will be created. It will be uploaded once your paperback is complete.

How should I market my e-book?

You should market your e-book the same as your paperback, but emphasize that your book can also be purchased as an e-book. For example, in media interviews make sure to let the audience know every place your book is sold, whether it be in a local bookstore or on Kindle, KOBO and the iBookstore.

In person, it is easier to sell paperback copies, but some potential buyers may not have the cash on hand or may prefer e-books. While you have their attention, make sure to tell them where they can buy your e-book.

Exposure on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.) is a powerful way to market your e-book.

I don’t have an e-reader, is that a problem?

Not at all! As the author, you don’t need to have an e-book reader yourself. It is nice to see for yourself how your e-book looks, but it’s not a requirement. Many of our authors find new technology intimidating but still want to reach as many people as possible.

Will I need to offer tech support to my buyers?

No! We’ve found that most e-book users are well versed in how to use their devices. If they encounter problems with downloading or paying, etc., they can refer to the specific store for assistance or consult their user manual.

Can any book be an e-book?

Yes and no. While technically every book has the potential to be an e-book, some make better e-books than others. A journal, for example, works best as a paperback, since journals usually require longhand notes. Workbooks are best kept as paperbacks for the same reason.

Books with a lot of photography and very little text we also recommend as paperbacks or hard covers to best showcase the art.

Children’s books can be e-books, but we recommend paperbacks to best showcase the art. Many children and families still prefer books they can hold in their hands. We do not have the technology to produce interactive storybooks, which are a growing market for children’s books.

Will my e-book look exactly like my paperback?

Not exactly. While book printing has very few limitations, e-book design is very basic. We do our best to produce an attractive e-book, within the confines of the technology. The book is set up as closely to the printed version as possible, and your full colour cover will be used at the beginning of your e-book. All photographs and charts will be part of the e-book as well.

What about the cover?

Cover design is still very important. The front cover used for your paperback will be used inside your e-book, most importantly as a thumbnail image on the various bookstores. Back cover design is not needed, but the text used on your back cover – book summary and author bio – will be what entices the potential buyer.

How will my be e-book priced?

Every e-book from Essence is priced at approximately 50% of its paperback price and assigned a price of $4.99, $7.99, or $9.99 CDN/US (with equivalents in other currencies). For example, if your book is priced at $20, it would sell for $9.99 as an e-book. If priced at $15, it would sell for $7.99.

How am I paid?

Author compensation is paid through PayPal twice yearly, combined with payments for paperback sales made through our own online bookstore:

Are e-books safe?

All three of the bookstores we use have measures in place to prevent unauthorized copying and distributing of e-books once they been downloaded, as best they can. In order to remain vigilant, it is best to always purchase books through the three authorized sellers of our e-books and tell your potential buyers to do the same.