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About our Imprints

Our publishing company consists of three distinct imprints. Each imprint represents a different line of titles. Outlined below are the three imprints and their criteria.

The Essence Publishing imprint is reserved for a very select number of Christian books. To qualify for this imprint, your manuscript must satisfy a complex set of criteria. Our team of editors will evaluate submissions according to editorial need, literary quality, theological soundness and topic interest. If your manuscript is chosen, you must agree to minimum book standards, including: editing, comprehensive cover design, a full-color cover, and UV coating.

All our titles have several marketing advantages. These include: National Distribution options; e-book options; 12 months of FREE Internet and 1-800 Order Fulfillment; FREE bookmarks and a FREE Internet Web page listing.

Essence Publishing b-w


If your book is not chosen for the Essence imprint, it may be assigned to one of the following two imprints:

Guardian Books is the imprint for all Christian books accepted for publication that are not selected for the Essence Publishing imprint. Under this imprint, the author has more flexibility with regard to editorial control and design options. All the above marketing services are also included with this imprint.

Guardian Logo


Epic Press is the imprint reserved for all books which do not fit in the above two categories. All the above marketing services are also included with this imprint. This imprint is automatically assigned to all non-Christian books, such as textbooks, biographies, cookbooks and more.

Epic Press


Other Options and Circumstances

Alternatively, the author may choose to publish under his or her own name or publishing company. Each of the regular Essence Publishing services apply.

Under certain circumstances, it is possible that we will be unable to publish your manuscript. Essence editorial staff have the discretion to award imprints or to return manuscripts. An appeals process is available, but we are firm in our final decisions to protect the integrity of our editorial process. These evaluations are based on a complex set of proprietary criteria, but if necessary, we will attempt to explain the reasons for our decision.